The Marketing Jump Start Program is designed to quickly get your business higher search rankings, more exposure on social media, more traction and ultimately more leads.


Why Do I Need This Program?

Marketing Jump Start Package




Are you ready to take control of your business marketing and improve your local search rankings? Supercharge your business with the eNova Marketing Jumpstart package today. 


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Marketing Jump Start Program Highlights


In-Depth Strategy

We will analyse and understand your products / services, identify target market and define a systematic marketing road map to increase the revenue for your company.

Local SEO Directory Management

We unify your business' directory listings, and work consistently to improve your rankings in your targeted keywords.

Content Planning & Creation

We build out your content portfolio with social media posts and content specifically designed to improve your search rankings and increase customer trust.

Reviews & Support

We give you the infrastructure to collect positive reviews and ratings to make your local search profile stand out.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimization of all current website pages as well as link building, local optimization and keyword ranking reports.

Continuing Growth Foundation

We help you build the foundation you need to continue to grow your business month after month.