Our approach

eNova Marketing is distinguished not just by our marketing experience.

We know that each business is unique, businesses deal with various intricacies, politics, institutional background, financial constraints, investors, stakeholders and much more.

We bring a experienced and pragmatic problem-solving mindset to assist our customers to develop their marketing strategies and grow their revenue.


Marketing Audit

The first step of engagement with eNova Marketing starts with a comprehensive audit of all past and current marketing activities. In this audit, we check all elements of your marketing which include website content, SEO, social media and all online advertising campaigns. We also compare our findings with your competitors to identify gaps and exploit opportunities.


The second step in developing a marketing strategy is a consultation with our strategy team. During this meeting, we will uncover the audit findings and you'll meet our leadership team. We will learn more about your business, what you've been doing that has worked and (more importantly) what hasn't. We'll ask the tough questions that allow us to dig deep into your objectives and goals.


Following the consultation meeting, our staff will meet internally to talk about your business' challenges and opportunities and to brainstorm marketing approaches. We might ask you for information at this point like access to data or social media accounts to get a better understanding of how you performing.

Strategy Definition

After conducting thorough research, we will have to begin preparing the marketing strategy. In this phase, we will define your target audience, right digital media outlets, social media platforms, and other nitty-gritty. 

Plan Development

This is the stage where we produce your marketing calendar, timelines and programs management, campaigns and all the other stuff that go into a fail-proof marketing program.


After one more final overview of the marketing strategy, we'll put our team in motion to execute the plans and campaigns that we've developed.  Each of the resources of the design, digital and production departments will be working for your brand to attain your marketing goals.